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Our cosmetic stability testing facility ensures the safety of your cosmetic products without breaking the budget. Moreover, get the reassurance that your products are safe, stable, and comply with ACCC standards for the sale of Cosmetic Products in Australia. From basic 12-month stability to comprehensive 3-year tests, we have packages for all needs.

Cosmetic Stability Testing
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Our Main Service

Providing affordable and in-depth stability testing for Cosmetic products is our priority.

Our Facility

Our Specially designed lab is equips us to test cosmetic products, including skincare, bath products, natural DIY extracts, and macerations.

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Please feel free to email us if you have further questions about stability testing. We are always here to help.

We Employ Product Specific Stability Testing

Since cosmetic products have a wide range of characteristics, testing them all the same doesn’t make sense. We have devised protocols for different product types including anhydrous, water based, scrubs and more.

“Given the diverse nature of cosmetic formulations, it is imperative to adopt a customized approach to stability testing. This approach guarantees that each cosmetic product, whether it be creams, scrubs, oils, or others, complies with the necessary standards, ensuring optimal quality and performance.”
Leon Brook, Founder of CSTA

Our Expertise​

Dedicated to the cosmetic industry, Cosmetic Stability Testing Australia is part of a group of businesses including skin clinics, skincare brands and active ingredient suppliers. By utilizing our vast skills and understanding of the cosmetics industry we ensure your products are suitable for sale.

Preservative Testing

Preservative Testing

We test for initial microbial contamination and throughout your product’s shelf life to ensure the effectiveness of your preservative.

Stability Testing

Stability Testing

A larger range of product specific stability tests to ensure you are only paying for what your being tested.

Extracts & Natural Product Testing

Extracts & Natural Product Testing

Our lab is equipped with the right equipment to test your DIY extracts and macerations.

Why People Trust Us

When you choose a company to test your cosmetic products it’s important to find one you trust. That is why we are so transparent about what we test for. We believe that transparency builds trust and we want to ensure that when you use our services that you’re not left wondering what you paid for.

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Cosmetic Focused Lab

Built focused on cosmetics, no competing for lab time with large pharmaceutical and therapeutic companies or using equipment designed for other industries.

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Unmatched Expertise

Qualifications from one of the world’s most respected Cosmetic Training Organizations. Including certificates specifically in testing cosmetics.

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Precise Result

We provide a full report including the readings attained and whether your cosmetics passed or not.

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Qualified Staff

All our testing and reporting is done by qualified scientists, not lab technicians.

CSTA Expert Team

Lastly a team dedicated to the cosmetic and the skincare industry

Leon Brook

Cosmetic Chemist & Stability Technician

As a qualified Cosmetic Chemist with further education in Nutritional Science and Herbalism. Leon has undergone Cosmetic Testing certificates to offer tests that are considered cosmetic specific. He is also the proud creator of a unique plant extract range that incorporates nano droplets of macerated oil in a cellular extract.

Jessica Rooney

Dermal Therapist & specialist in Skincare

With over 7 years experience as a Dermal Therapist, Jessica has owned 3 skin salons, a skincare ecommerce store and store front. Jessica has extensive knowledge of the beauty and skin industry working with over 10 of Australia’s favourite skincare brands. She is currently undergoing a bachelor of nutritional science to advance her knowledge and work on skin externally and internally.


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